I have quite a few machines, which change as I sell, trade and cannibalize.....
 Currently, the functional machines that I have are as follows:

AGP Graphics
450 MHz G4 AGP Graphics
500 MHz G4 AGP Graphics
Dual 450 MHz G4 Gigabit Ethernet
Dual 500 MHz G4 Gigabit Ethernet

My first AGP Graphics machine is a 450 HHz Sawtooth that was purchased new in 1999.
It has undergone major upgrades through the years, and has been running a 2.0 GHz processor for several years. It has always been an extremely reliable machine, in spite of all that I have done to it.....

The modifications that I have done are detailed in the following page:

Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics
aka the “Sawtooth”

Quicksilver 2002
800 MHz G4 Quicksilver 2002
933 MHz G4 Quicksilver 2002
Dual 1.0 GHz Quicksilver 2002

I bought my first QS to pair up with my Sawtooth, to allow me to tend to other tasks (like work) while I import vinyl or scan slides.
After the first one, I soon obtained several more, and put one 933 MHz machine to work as a Media server, and upgraded my daughters Dual 450 MHz GE to another 933 MHz QS.

The QS is a great machine. All have proven versatile and very reliable.

Details of the Quicksilver 2002 configurations that are in use follow on the page:

Quicksilver 2002

Performance testing and benchmarks of all the above machines, in various configurations, can be found within the pages of Benchmarks.

iMac G3
266 MHz G3 Strawberry iMac

These colorful machines are a pleasure to use.
I picked up a used Strawberry model years ago, and thanks to the cute looks of the machines, both of my daughters have been interested in using computers from early on.

Running OS 9.1 and sporting many, many classic games and learning software titles, the machine has been an integral part of my girls learning and development.

My Systems