I love hardware.
Nothing better than new, faster, more powerful parts.
Except, maybe, rare or unusual used parts, or fast components purchased on the cheap, or..........

Of course, a computer is the sum of it’s parts, so each should be carefully examined to determine the best components for the intended use.
OEM configurations are invariably “just enough” and upgrades can really provide for great increases in performance, and the overall usefulness of the machine.

When upgrading, getting the most “bang for the buck” is often used to describe the value of a particular upgrade.
Some things are a given, like increasing memory and installing larger, faster hard drives.
Other upgrades are merely practical, like PCI cards that allow for greater connectivity to USB 2.0 and firewire peripherals.
But areas of ambiguity lie when processors, graphics cards, and in G4 towers, SATA drives come into the discussion.

What I’ll try to do in the following pages, is to provide some information regarding various components, and relate my experience with these pieces of hardware, while illustrating performance points with benchmarks in those respective pages.




PCI Cards


Graphics Cards

Information and articles on  converting PC cards to Mac



Wireless Devices

Cooling and Fans