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Publisher: MacSoft  
  Minimum System Requirement:
Mac OS X: 10.2.8 and later
CPU: G4 @ 800 MHz     RAM: 256 MB     Hard Disk: 1.4 GB     Graphics: 32 MB VRAM
How to run a Time Demo:
First, launch the game, click OK through the graphics settings window, and make your video settings (resolution, specular, decals, etc.) in the opening menu window.
Save this and exit.
To run a time demo in Halo, launch the application again, and in the Halo Graphics Settings window under Game Options select Run Time Demo.
When running the time demo, after all the settings are finalized, click OK and the game will load and the demo run.
When the demo is done, there will be a Timedemo.txt file in the Halo folder that will tell you the results of your run.
For a great discussion on settings for best performance, see this article at Barefeats:
For usual gameplay, I typically run with Pixel + Vertex Shaders On (only performance cards like those that support Core Image), FSAA Off, Lens Flare Medium and Model Detail Medium.
This provides for smooth frame rates throughout, even when the action is hot and heavy, and enemy forces are numerous.
The graphics look really nice, as well........
Of course, I varied the setting for benchmarking different levels of graphics complexity.
The same goes for the resolution and other settings in the Video settings panel.
Pixel and Vertex shaders ON except for:

Radeon 7500 and Geforce4 MX (unsupported)
Radeon 9000 Pro Vertex Shaders only       
No value in resolution range means Unsupported

                Low Settings            Med Settings            High Settings
VSYNC:           No                          No                            No
Lens Flare:      Low                       Med                          Med
Model:             Low                       Med                          Med
Decals:             No                         No                           Yes
Particles:          No                        Low                          High
Texture:           Low                       Med                         High

Specular and Shadows OFF in all settings. Switching to On results in an average loss of 2 fps throughout the tested resolution and quality settings.