Unreal Tournament 2004 Performance
Publisher: Epic Games, Inc.   
Minimum System Requirement:
Mac OS X: 10.2.8 and higher    
CPU: G4 @ 933 MHz     RAM: 256 MB     Hard Disk: 6 GB     Graphics: 32 MB VRAM
Well,  you can see that, for the most part, graphics cards don’t make a big difference at lower resolutions.
In fact, the lower resolutions are usually as fast or faster with older cards.
Two reasons.
One, UT2K4 is a very CPU intensive game, rather than GPU intensive.
Two, in the case where a newer, more powerful card is actually slower than an older, slower card, this is because the graphics rendered are not the same.
The graphics cards tested can be divided into two groups.
The first, are the older cards that don’t have the later OpenGL support, and all rendered the graphics of UT2K4 the same way:
  1. Radeon 7500
  2. Geforce4 MX
  3. Radeon 9000 Pro
  4. Radeon 9700 Pro (actually in a group in between these two groups. Same OpenGL support as the 9800’s, but renders the same as the other cards in this group.)
The second group are all later generation, support OpenGL 2.0 100% and render graphics in a more detailed manner:
  1. Radeon 9800 Pro 128 and 256MB
  2. Radeon 9800 XT
  3. Geforce 6800 GT
  4. Geforce 7800GS
One thing that I noticed is the newer cards all render greater detail in the textures, though this is done with a cost to achieved fps.
Because of the greater detail when using a newer card, the system has to work harder to generate the graphics that are not generated with the older cards.
Another thing that is obvious,  if the game is to be played at higher resolutions, a newer, more powerful graphics card is a must.
Whatever the monitor, playing any game at the native resolution of the monitor is desired for performance.
If you are like me, and want to run games on full screen with a large monitor (like my 23” Apple Cinema Display) a high performance graphics card is a must.
Here we can see the processor change provides for 5-10 fps in the Botmatch, and 5-17 fps in the flyby.
This type of performance increase is the difference between playable and enjoyable.
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