Prey Timedemo
So, I used the console of Prey to make an AVI.
3,739 frames later, I have a mess of .tga images (1.6GB), but no movie.
After a bit of searching, I used AddMovie to compile all the single files into a movie.
While the file dimensions should have yielded a widescreen format, and after trying numerous approaches to getting what I wanted, I finally gave up and settled for this.
I should just re-render the damn thing.
Another day.....
In the least, one can get an idea of what the time demo movie that I made looks like.
The real movie is 64MB, but that’s a bit big for a blog page.......
This one’s still kind of large.
And this one only runs at half the fps that it should.
Oh well.......
Prey Timedemo Movie
Wednesday, January 27, 2010