Radeon 9800 Pro Heat sink Disassembly

This article focuses on the Radeon 9800 Pro.

Prerequisite Reading:
Graphics Card Cleaning and Thermal Compound Replacement

After removing the graphics card from the machine, use compressed air and a soft, static free nylon brush to blow and brush dust and dirt off the entire board.
After this, remove the fan/heat sink assembly.

First, disconnect the power connector from the graphics board.
Forceps or needle nose pliers will help.

To remove the 9800 Pro heat sink, use some forceps or needle nose pliers to pull the center pin of the retaining pegs out 

After pulling the two pins, flip the card over.
Use your forceps (or pliers) to squeeze the two retaining pegs to allow removal from the board:

Once you have done this, flip the board over and remove the two pegs.
The heat sink may also come with the pegs.
Disassembly is complete.

Now, once you have removed the thermal compound from the GPU and the heat sink, and have cleaned all dust, grease, etc., from the board, heat sink and fan as explained in the lead article, apply new thermal paste and reassemble.

Your computer, your graphics card and your wallet thank you!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011