Off to the recycler.....
Started running benchmarks on a gaggle of graphics cards today.
The plan is to run all 2x AGP compatible cards on a Gigabit Ethernet dual 500 MHz machine, and use a VGA monitor, allowing all tests to be done without adapters.....
Then, do the same with all 4x compatible cards on a 800 MHz Quicksilver.
Well, after 10 years of faithful service, the Apple Studio Display (CRT) made a dramatic exit from service during the fourth card test.
Suffice it to say that CRT monitors are scary when they fail...
So, I’ll have to steal my daughters monitor to continue testing.
Either that, or tear down my own system.
She already found out my plan, and I’m in the dog-house.
Adding to all this, that I found there is a performance hit on the cards when testing between Tiger and Leopard.
So, I will have to duplicate all tests to give the best information regarding the performance of older hardware on current software.
Probably just scale back the tests to one OS...... but both would be better.
I want to finish the testing so that I can sell the test machines, and buy some other junk.
Man, I hate it when plans don’t go as planned!
Whose big idea was all this anyways????
not even semiprecious.
just waste.
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Below is a screen shot from my test machines monitor.
Nice picture, huh?