Software that you Need
This is a simple page that merely lists some software that I consider to be invaluable, or of high value.
Take it for what it’s worth, but with regard to the first set of “must have” utilities, I believe that no one should be without these.

Although other utilities exist, many are a duplication of what can be done in Terminal, OS X applications, and/or with other, more refined softwares.

Absolutely must have utilities to keep the system going strong, or recovering from catastrophy:

SuperDuper! from Shirtpocket for clone backups.

Disk Warrior to repair and maintain hard drive health.

Temperature Monitor from Marcel Bresink.

ClamXav for ridding your system of spyware.

If you’ve lost data due to accident or crash, Data Rescue

Apple Hardware Test for those times of dread

Rember to test for memory problems

Applejack for when all else fails

Opensource or freeware that serves a real purpose without compromising:

An excellent open source FTP client, Filezilla

Mac The Ripper for ripping DVDs

Handbrake for encoding those DVD files in various formats.

Audacity audio editor for encoding music from LPs or converting format.

VLC for playing any video file or DVD from any region.

For anyone with an old film scanner, or just want something reliable:

Vuescan for your scanner.
I’m not joking....
Friday, February 12, 2010
OpenSource and just plain good software